"When you hire Four Lakes Photo, you are not only provided with an experience you desire; you are helping your neighbors."  
 "Angie's headshot session allowed my business to focus on the many tasks at hand while trying to rebuild.  We felt relieved of the creative and technical duties and are ever so grateful.  One day we hope to return the favor to another struggling business."
"Knowing that my daughter was getting amazing photos and helping another high school senior gain the same right of passage, was supreme."

T h e    S t o r y:

While working as a teacher in my local community, the majority of families I got to work with required assistance from state and local agencies.  It was easy to see that many students did not have basic needs met, never mind adequate photographic documentation of their milestones, including the ability to obtain high school graduation photos.  In turn, the community organization and non-profits that support such families, lack professional appearance with homemade headshots and little or no photos to represent their efforts, events and programming.  This is a problem have the ability to help; with your support.  Four Lakes Photo offers built-in value for businesses, individuals and families looking for both quality images and a way to give back to the community by taking a portion of each for-profit photography session and putting it toward a donated session.  We are in this community together.  Everyone is deserving of photos that capture their milestones or propel them to find their true selves.  Let's make a difference.  



H o w  i t  w o r k s:

If you are purchasing a session at regular price, it is calculated to cover your needs as well as a portion (or full) cost of another's individual, family or business.

If you are interested in receiving a session at a discounted rate or no-cost. please send me a message and we will discuss your family, school or business' needs.  It's that simple!