I like old stuff, I mean, I reaalllly like old stuff.  I admire the quality and design of historic buildings, furniture and textiles.  It is my absolute joy to find an old piece of furniture (aka treasure!) and bring it new life again.  My husband, kids and I are currently undertaking the restoration of our own home, built in 1910.  As you may guess, this loves extends to photographs too.  I am the person standing up at the restaurant examining the old photos on the walls.  The stories..the wonder..the reflection it gives my soul...(insert cleansing breath here :)  

Old photos that are important to families and business should be preserved as they are a ticket to pastime that should not be lost!  Once the condition of the photo is examined, a cost estimate will be provided for bringing it new life again.  The refurbished photo can be returned digitally or through my printing service.

In addition to people passing me old photos, I can get some new, really good, ones too.  Camera technology is incredible right now.  Many people have high quality cameras and the ability to compose decent photos.  Then, when it's time to use that photo for say, a holiday card or announcement, they freeze...that's where I can help.  In addition to appreciating old stuff, I got a love (and skill) for modern technology tools.  You already have a good shot...just let me help you improve it!  I'll send it back to you looking great for that snail mail project or web content.  Such editing services begin at $20/ photo.